Today’s story is brought to you by the letter “x”

We’ve always known that a day would come when our child would yell something completely rude and inappropriate at us. We love her, but we don’t kid ourselves. She’s cute, but she’s a sinner through and through.

I always guessed she’d be about 13 before things got heated. I was off by 10 years.

Abby has recently learned to draw an “x” over pictures or words or letters or basically anything else she doesn’t like. Since she rarely has access to a pencil, her only resort for crayons and markers are to simply cross them out.

Well, the other night we were all in our bedroom when Abby asked for something and Matt told her no. Then she started to pout and he told her to go to timeout.

As soon as Matt turned his back on her (big mistake), I saw Abby raise her hand in the air, point that tiny little pointer finger at him, draw an “x” in the air, and yell, “X on you!”

And then she stomped off down the hall muttering “x on this… and x on that… and x, x, x.”

Matt whirled around and stared at me. I barely held myself together until she was safely in her room.

Then I burst out laughing. Crying laughing. Couldn’t catch my breath laughing.

One tiny little three year old girl expressing her absolute disgust with us the only way she knows how, is a very funny thing.

And while maybe we shouldn’t laugh about it, or encourage it, I can’t help but hope that ten years from now the worst thing she’ll say and do is “x” us a few more times.


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