Shifting Focus

For years I’ve listened, and I’ve joined in, when people have talked about the questions they have for God. The list of things they want answered by Him. The hurt and the pain and the brokenness that seem to have no reason, no justification, no purpose in this world. Those are the things that most people – myself included – want explained.

So many of us have a question we’re planning on asking as soon as we get to Heaven. The most important thing to us is putting God on trial and demanding answers. We’re preparing as though what we’re anticipating, what we’re anxiously awaiting, about being in His presence is getting to finally bite a chunk out of that forbidden apple.

What could be sadder than finding ourselves at the feet of Jesus, seeing the face of God, spending eternity without pain or hurt or sin, and our first priority- our biggest desire- is not to praise Him, not to thank Him, not to rejoice in and with Him, but to know what He knows.

We still want more. Faced with blessing upon blessing upon blessing, and some of us are still wanting more. More answers. More understanding. More explanations. More control.

Recently I read Revelation 21:4 again. It says, “He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

I used to imagine that this meant we’d hear our answers. We’d understand and know and this life would finally make sense. He’d explain all the unfairness and He’d wipe away our tears as He told us that our sufferings weren’t without reason. I pictured some sort of chart, something that would show me the chain reactions, the good that came only because of the bad that He allowed and we endured.

But when I reread that verse, something shifted.

What if the tears are gone, the mourning and crying and pain and death are all gone, but there still aren’t any answers? What if coming face-to-face with the Creator is all it takes to not only dry our eyes and soothe our sobs, but to silence our questions and our doubts? What if it really is all about Him? What if it’s such a joyous, wondrous, praise-filled experience simply to be done with this race that we don’t care about the old hurts? What if we don’t need explanations because pain is such a distant memory that we don’t remember why we were hurting?

What if we don’t even desire answers because the questions are wiped away with the tears?

Maybe I’m alone here. But for me, I’d rather not remember sorrow at all than to know the reasons for it.


One Comment to “Shifting Focus”

  1. This was beautiful. And thought-provoking and rings so true in my own heart + life right now.
    The question always comes back to me in my doubts…can I say trust that His heart is all good, that He loves us and that he knows what we need and always does what’s best for us. That He only ever allows whatever may come our way, in love.

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