Story Time with Abby

She’s a book lover’s child, so really, she can’t help herself.

Pinkalicious- written by Victoria and Elizabeth Kann- read by Abby.


3 Comments to “Story Time with Abby”

  1. Expressive to the max…can’t wait for her to take over kindergarten!

  2. okay, so my internet connection is so 1972 that I can’t watch this (more than the first 20 seconds anyway), but I love that you tagged it blackmail.

    • oh, amber… 1972 was a rough year for the internet. some people might call it pitiful that i tagged it the way i did, but i choose to consider it efficient. this way when she graduates or gets married or decides to move to some foreign country, i can quickly pull up something embarrassing for those slideshows that i’m sure will weasel into celebrations for years to come the same way the macarena manages to keep popping up!

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