Natural Born Comedian

As I picked Abby up from VBS this morning I noticed a red bump on her cheek…

Me: “Did you get another mosquito bite?”

Abby: “Nope. That’s just a fly bite.”

Me: “A fly bite? Did a fly bite you when you were playing outside?”

Abby: “Oh, no, no, no. Gretchen just flew at me and landed right on my cheek.”

Ba dum chhh…


4 Comments to “Natural Born Comedian”

  1. That has to be original – LOL.

  2. Did Gretchen get a fly bite too???? 🙂
    Give the Abby a hug & kiss for me!

  3. I wish our kids could hang out. They would fly at each other and laugh about it later. 🙂

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