It is the first step…

I’ve spent, oh, about 20 years complaining that my straight hair refuses to behave most days.

Today I admitted to myself and my family, that I do not have straight hair. In fact, I have curly hair.

(this is the face of stunned disbelief)

Shocking? Yes. It came as a complete surprise to myself, Matt, Abby, and Daniela- my hair stylist who was happy (and being paid) to support my denial for as long as I wanted.

Matt did question how this information has managed to elude me for the better part of two decades. I have no answer for that.

(this is disbelief from a side view)

I don’t expect to reach the point of acceptance anytime soon, but I am acknowledging now that owning a bathroom full of products designed for straight hair is not the same as actually having straight hair.

(this is just ridiculous from a back view)

So if you see me out and about with this crazy mop on my head, feel free to not make eye contact. I know it takes some getting used to. I’m still a little jumpy around mirrors myself.

(this is fear hidden by curls)

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9 Comments to “It is the first step…”

  1. I love it! And so does Autumn!

  2. Embrace the curly hair!!!!!!!! I still straighten mine sometimes but curls sure do make life easier!! By the way….your hair looks great!

    • ahh, thanks Mary Beth! Ironically, I’ve always been jealous of people with curly hair. (That may be plain crazy instead of ironic, though.)

  3. Oh my gosh – this happened to me!

    One day I went in to the Toni & Guy academy and asked for them if they could give me some sort of body wave or something because I thought that’d be easier than dealing with this little kick here and there that my hair would always do. Straight, but not – all – the – way – straight…

    She says, “I don’t think you need a wave, you just need a haircut.”

    And I walked out with wavy hair. I totally get the astonishment!

    I love the look on you. What color is it gonna be?

    • Amber- who can pick just one color? I really don’t know because I’m torn between the fun colors of summer and the wait a few more weeks until it should feel like fall (even though it won’t) and choose something more autumnal.

      I’ll probably run through a few of them if I stay indecisive much longer.

  4. I can’t believe that look of astonishment!!! I LOVE YOUR HAIR, THE WAY IT WAS AND THE WAY IT IS NOW. O.K. I’M A BIT PREJUDICED, BUT THAT’S ALLOWED.

    • Your prejudice is both allowed and accepted here 🙂

      I’m thinking maybe I’ll just dye it red and have the red curly hair you were trying for!


    • Granny- Heather and I have talked about this and we fully believe that our crazy hair genes come directly from you. But I think we’ll all be okay if we stop pretending our hair is normal and accept the insanity!

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