A kid and her (borrowed) dog

My child desperately wants a dog.

I desperately do not want to take care of a dog.

When we asked her who would feed, walk, and clean up after a dog she answered quickly and nonchalantly, “You will. I’m not big enough.” This has created an impasse that will last at least until she wises up enough to pretend like she would be the one to take care of a dog.

Thankfully we know people who don’t mind caring for a dog. And who don’t mind letting Abby pretend that their dog is hers.

This morning she told us that her favorite thing in Virginia was, “throwing the ball for Tom.”

Not the museums, the swimming, or the cartons of ice cream she ate. Not the family, the late nights, or the learning mahjong at the tender age of four. Not the road trip, the zoo, or the mountains.

Throwing a ball for a dog tops her vacation memories.

To each their own.

Roy, Pam, Tom- please come visit us. We miss you already.

(Don’t forget Tom’s leash. Abby says she needs to buckle it on all by herself again.)


One Comment to “A kid and her (borrowed) dog”

  1. that dog is the size of a small horse!

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