It finally happened.

Memories and smells and sounds of autumn came rushing back into my head.

Now I can’t stop dreaming of cool mornings and open windows and fresh breezes and crunchy leaves and bread baking and warm drinks and cozy fabrics and long sleeves and scarves and boots and curling up under a blanket with a book.

Ugh. Since the wonder that is fall has taken over my senses, the rest of summer now seems unbearably long and hot and dry and miserable.

How many more weeks do we have of this? Six? Please don’t let it be more than six.


3 Comments to “Cravings”

  1. do you suppose there’s a groundhog to signifyhow many more weeks til the end of summer?
    could it be the back-to-school bell???

  2. This feeling is well documented at our house. It’s called the summer malaise.

  3. why, oh why did you do that??? now I have a longing for a warm fuzzy blanket and cup of hot coffee, and the temp is still 91* at 10:30 pm!!!!! I love you anyway, and we’ll just keep praying for relief.

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