Why I’m Praying for Teachers I Don’t Yet Know

These are a few of the conversations that have happened in my home within the last 24 hours:


Me: “Abby, please stop arguing.”

Abby: “We’re all just sinners, Mom.”


Me: “You’re being a little bit impatient right now.”

Abby: “But sometimes I’m outpatient, right?”


Abby: “Mom, look at this!”

Me: “Abby, I’m driving. I have to look in front of me so I don’t have an accident.”

Abby: “You need to look in front so you can have a purpose?”


Me: “Abby, what are you going to act like at school?”

Abby: “Just normal. Not crazy or anything.”

Me: “Oh good.”

Abby: “But I will pretend to hula hoop a bunch. Like this.”

{Followed by crazy jerking dance where the imaginary hula hoop tripped her up and she fell to the floor.}


Right now her future teachers are cluelessly going about their business. Completely unaware of my little girl who is headed their way. I wish I had a way of preparing them.


One Comment to “Why I’m Praying for Teachers I Don’t Yet Know”

  1. Start writing a “To Whom It May Concern” letter that you can pin to the back of her shirt on the first day of school. 🙂

    I love Abby!

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