And So It Continues…


Abby: “Mommy, know what I want to be for Halloween?”

Me: “What”

Abby: “A skunk.”


Abby: “I would definitely touch a snake because I like those spots on their backs.”

Me: “Nope. Not a good idea. Please don’t ever touch a snake.”

Abby: “Okay. I’ll only touch ones that I find in our yard.”

Me: “Still not okay.”

Abby: “Oh Mommy.”


Abby: “When I grow up I’m going to be an animal extractor.”

Me: “Really?”

Abby: “Yep. But I’ll be one who lives here with you and Daddy and when someone calls with an animal at their house, I’ll go get it out of the grass for them. Even lost giraffes.”


Her love of animals both fascinates and concerns me.


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