Day(s) of Greatness

Yesterday was nearly perfect.

It rained. Real water poured from the sky. It was beautiful.

I made Abby a new skirt. It’s not a perfect fit but she really likes twirling around in it and seeing as how it was less than half a yard of on-sale fabric, I couldn’t care less if she runs through a mud puddle wearing it.

{I have no idea why she’s wearing different socks on her hands and feet. It’s just who she is.}

Some of Granny’s pickles made their way to my kitchen. Bonus- she sent an individual jar for each of us and she even labeled them! It may seem silly, but it really is necessary as my husband and I have opposing approaches to these pickles.

Matt came home, saw his name, popped the lid, and started gobbling them down right then. I swaddled my jar in a blanket, sang it lullabies, and planned how to make them last forever.

{Seriously. Some things aren’t meant to be shared.}

Homemade basil peach pizza. That’s all there is to say about it.

That was yesterday.

But then today came with its own version of heaven. Today it was 73° and overcast. Abby went outside with me as soon as she woke up and then ran into her room and came to the breakfast table wearing this:

It has been hot here for a really long time. She needs to be eased into new situations. Kind of like the fish from the pet store- slowly adjust the water temperature, not all at once or they go into shock.

I decided she needed to be exposed further, like it or not. So we went to our favorite coffee shop (Jupiter House) and she chose a huge chocolate cream cheese muffin.

Then I drank coffee while she ran around the courthouse lawn. She loved it.

{Why does she look so big?}

{And why does she have so much hair?}

{There’s my little elfish baby.}

Then the afternoon was filled with open windows and cool breezes and the sounds of James Taylor.

And I walked in on this:

I think she’s serious about being an animal extractor. She told me their mouths were taped closed so they wouldn’t bite anyone.

{They do look pretty harmless this way.}

If tomorrow is anywhere near as wonderful as today and yesterday were, you may find me skipping down the sidewalks of my neighborhood.


2 Comments to “Day(s) of Greatness”

  1. A very good day indeed.
    Noticed that Abby had matching socks on…just vertical match instead of horizontal. The left hand/foot matched and the right hand/foot matched.

  2. i seriously laughed out loud at the picture of the dinosaurs with their mouths clamped shut! hilarious! love. her.

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