The Great Eight(y)

Today my favorite lady turns 80!

Granny, you have this amazing ability to soak up the life around you and make the rest of us look like old fuddy-duddies.

I tried to make it clear how great I think you are with this post- Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due -but I thought I should add a few more things to the list:

She still finds absolutely nothing wrong with spending the night sleeping on a swing set in her backyard when the air is cool. I’m pretty sure that turning 80 isn’t going to put a stop to this behavior.

Spontaneity. Does your grandmother randomly send you emails that she has packed up and left the state without a hotel reservation or a plan on where she’s going or when she’ll be back? Mine does. And I hope to one day follow in her footsteps.

I love that she calls people “young man” or “young lady.” Some that are given these honorifics are four years old and some are fifty.

She’s sharp as a tack. I’ve never seen her play sudoku or complete logic puzzles to keep her wits about her, but she manages to do both long division and crossword puzzles without blinking.

She also happens to be pretty tech-savvy. My grandmother is on facebook (you can be her friend if you want to, and why wouldn’t you?) and she sends me emails with everything from articles about how to grow vanilla bean plants to photos she thinks I’d appreciate.

Talking with her is no different than talking to someone my own age. Conversations include new hair products she likes (apparently my curly/straight hair comes from her side of the genetics), which bands will be playing at different venues, and places she wants to visit (not that she’ll give me any advance notice when she actually goes on those trips!).

Happy Birthday Granny!!! We love you!!!

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