Maybe Prayer is Her Gift

{I fear that a growing percentage of my stories begin with “We were in the car…” as this one does.}

So, we were in the car. Abby was in the backseat being pretty quiet. No barking. I was soaking up the silence. And then I heard, “Mutter, mutter, mutter… in Jesus’ name.”

Me: “Abby? Were you just praying?”

Abby: “Yep.”

Me: “What about?”

Abby: “This boy.”

Me: “What boy?”

Abby: “The one in this book I’m reading.”

Me: “You’re praying for a boy in a book?”

Abby: “Yes. I’m praying for God to heal him because he doesn’t look like he’s having a very good time.”

So I’d like to apologize to author Grace MacCarone and illustrator Betsy Lewin on behalf of my child. She is faithfully awaiting the day when she opens Itchy, Itchy Chicken Pox and finds the main character no longer struggling to stop scratching. While I realize this will negatively affect both the plot and the illustrations, I agree with her empathy too much to ask her to stop praying.


One Comment to “Maybe Prayer is Her Gift”

  1. I hope that Abby has me on her prayer list.

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