A little more conversation…

Snippets from today:

Me: “Abby, why are you looking in the mirror?”

Abby: “Because… does this look like a little hamburger?”

{Followed by insane grin with tongue stuck between upper and lower teeth.}


{Abby making sniffling noises.}

Me: “Baby, are you okay? Are you crying?”

Abby: “Oh no, I’m just making music out of my nose.”


Abby: “Could you please buy me a sleeping hat with blueberries and a pink moon on it?”

{Me: Blank stare.}


Abby: “I’d like to be a cowgirl for Halloween.”

Me: “Instead of the skunk?”

Abby: “No, after the skunk. First the dog, then the skunk, next bumblebee and then cowgirl.”

Me: “So you mean next year?”

Abby: “No, all of them this year.”


Abby: “Why did you ask God to give you a little girl with grey skin? Because when I grow up, I’m asking for a little girl with black skin.”

Me: “I love you.”


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