I See Glory.

That is what Abby loudly declared:

“I see glory.”

Before I could ask a question, it continued:

“When I put these glasses on, I see glory. When I take them off, I don’t. {Glasses on} – glory. {Glasses off} – no glory. Glory. No glory. Glory. No glory.”

I had to ask.

“What exactly does glory look like?”

She pulled the glasses off and looked at me like I was an idiot.

“Glory! You know? Glory? Everything looks fuzzy and weird and I can’t walk right.”

I looked at Matt. He looked at me. Then we telepathically had the following conversation:

“She means blurry? Glory = blurry? We should probably correct that. What a major vocabulary mix-up. But wouldn’t it be fun to let it slide for now? What if she says it in public? Wouldn’t that be great? Can you imagine the conversations that’ll ripple from hearing Abby exclaim she’s seeing “glory”? Brilliant. You know we might be labeled bad parents for this? Yep. Worth the risk? Absolutely.”

Judge us if you must.

Our child sees glory.


One Comment to “I See Glory.”

  1. oh my my my. I love her glory-ous vocabulary! And especially that last little photo!

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