In case you need to know…

Abby has made the following announcement:

“When I grow up, my mommy name will be Selena. Do you know how I spell Selena? H-I-N-Y.”


5 Comments to “In case you need to know…”

  1. this is why she needs a twitter account……

  2. That’s great. She has my attitude–duing the summer and on breaks from school I tend to say “after 5:00 pm my name is Sophia. I am no longer “mommy”. What can I say, i get tired of “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!”

    • Sarah- I am with you! Unfortunately when I can’t take any more “mommy’s”, she’s started yelling out “Jeannie” instead. I now simply leave the house. I don’t get far, but it’s usually just far enough!

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