The TV happened to be tuned to ESPN this morning and I was way too lazy to change the channel. So I kept grading my papers and let the football talk fade to background noise.

Until they started talking about the players that are injured.

Then I started paying attention.

I’ve heard dozens of pastors talk about spiritual gifts and how each of us is gifted differently. 1 Corinthians 12 tells how each part of the body is so important. How we all can’t be heads, or hearts, or hands. It’s made sense to me. I’ve never been particularly fond of my kidneys, but I’ve understood they’re necessary. That I wouldn’t be the same if I had something else in their place.

But today when the commentators started talking about these hurt players, when they began listing the injuries, something new clicked.

There are guys who are not able to do their (very well-paid) jobs today because of a fractured rib. Because one of them pulled his hamstring. One of them has a concussion. One blew out a knee. One hurt his back, another his wrist, another his ankle, and one guy is honestly not playing because of something called “turf toe.” His toe, one single toe, is preventing him from doing what he does best.

I imagine those guys want to play. They would probably do anything they could to heal that injured body part, whether that means rest or painful rehabilitation. They want to perform the way they’re capable of, the way they were designed to.

So if we, as the church, are one body- this group of believers who each play a different part, who each have the ability to either support or bench the entire group- then shouldn’t we stop and take an inventory of ourselves and our members? Shouldn’t we be aware of when we’re hurting? When we’re strained? Twisted? Broken?

Shouldn’t we be so intimately aware of each other that we know who needs rest and who needs stretching?

I think sometimes we ignore 1 Corinthians 12:26- “If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it.” Our body stumbles and limps and we “press on” and think, well at least our head is still wise, at least our heart is still pumping, the big name parts are still going strong. But the fact is, we’d feel so much better, we’d be so much more effective, if we would take a day or two to simply sit and focus on healing that hurting toe.


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