No Response Required

Abby has a love for writing.

Thus far it seems to be the joy of letters that has stolen her heart.

Safe to say she comes by that naturally.

Last night she wrote this:

(I translated on the left for those of you who have forgotten how to read first-time-writer spellings.)

A few hours later, she wrote this one:

Not known for patience, I’m not surprised she went ahead and answered her own question of “Will you love me back?”.

I just wish I knew whether the answer, “You love me back” is meant to be declarative or exclamatory.

Punctuation is obviously the first lesson needed in the new year.

That aside, anyone in need of a new pen pal?

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2 Comments to “No Response Required”

  1. YES, I AM!!!

  2. I’ll sign up as a pen pal. Though if she’s really that impatient I don’t imagine she’ll keep me around as a penpal very long… please explain to her about the mail…

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