A New Adventure

This is my 501st post on this blog. That seems a little insane to me. For someone who doesn’t have much to say, I’ve apparently said quite a bit.

I’m hoping to spend more time writing letters in 2011. Letters to mail, letters to keep, letters to write and then throw in the campfire, letters to save for a future date. But it seems that when I have the option to type, when I have free access to that delete key, I struggle with putting pen to paper.

I also have a goal to focus on photography this year. Not necessarily a business, but a vested interest in taking pictures I want to take and giving my camera the attention it deserves.

Those two things being said, there might not be much happening around here for awhile. But I have created a new site solely for the purpose of posting photos and I’d love for you to keep track of me there if you’re interested- http://snowberrylifeimages.wordpress.com/


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