It has been a very average Wednesday and yet, I’m exhausted. I can’t help but think I shouldn’t be. I think that because my day was void of project completions and personal achievements that I should be just as energized as when I woke up. But I’m not. So this evening instead of counting calories or gratitudes, I’m counting activities.

Today I gave thanks.

Today I cooked meals and washed laundry.

Today I ran two miles and watched the sweat pour off me.

Today I watered and weeded the garden.

Today I argued.

Today I read stories and played games.

Today I drove one hundred miles.

Today I took my daughter to her first baseball game.

Today I laughed with friends and cheered for strangers.

Today I grieved the loss of a loved one.

Today I bathed my child and prayed over her as I dried each strand of her hair.

Today I repented and asked forgiveness and forgave.

Today I took a walk.

Today I held my tongue.

Today I watched the wind blow away the clouds.

Today I taught students, answered emails and made phone calls.

Today I listened to a song on repeat because once wasn’t enough.

Today I took photos.

Today I disciplined my child.

Today I chased a butterfly and admired wildflowers.

Today I answered an endless stream of questions.

Today I bandaged a wound.

Today I watched the sun slip below the horizon.

And tonight I’m reminding myself that this was enough for one day.


3 Comments to “Exhausted”

  1. Sounds like my day only i skipped the two miles and highly regret it!! jealous!

  2. And today, whatever day it happens to be when you read this, I have loved you. And I have given thanks for you. Today, yesterday, tomorrow. forever.


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