Following five hours sitting, a three hour concert and a full day without a nap, Abby and I had an hour long drive home tonight. She managed to talk the whole way. It might be her most amazing talent.

So for record-keeping purposes, here are a few snippets of how she passed the time:

“Has Matthew lost a tooth? I think he has. I think he lost one on the side I’m on.

Does Matthew know where my house is? Do his parents?

How come Levi knows Josh and I don’t?

I know my uncle Josh.

I think when I grow up I’m going to marry Uncle Josh.

{Here I interjected a comment about not marrying family or guys 25 years older than her. I couldn’t help it.}

Hmmm… there aren’t enough boys my age.

{And here I may have made an under-my-breath comment to the effect of ‘Preach it, sister’.}

I know! I know! I will marry Levi.

I made the right choice.

Levi and I will live in a beautiful house. You know, the white one on our street so you don’t have to drive far to get there.

How old do you think Nana is? Older than Josh?

Yeah, I think she’s 41 maybe.

{Here I mentioned that Nana would appreciate it and I also told her to stop talking.}

Tomorrow, I’m going to be in a band. Ok?



Wait, did you just say okay as imagination? Because I’m really going to be in a band.

I will be the only one in the band who can sing, know why? Because no one else will know what song I’m going to sing.

{Here I once again asked her nicely to please stop talking and rest.}

Daddy will be in my band.

The name of the band is “I can’t choose.”

Wait, I changed my mind. That’s the name of the song.

{Here she sang five minutes worth of a power ballad with the chorus of “I can’t choose”.}

Actually, I think that’s the name of the song and the band.

I would like to have soup and cotton candy for lunch tomorrow.

I know I ate all the soup, but we can go to the store and buy some more.

{Once again, only a louder and more insistent plea for quiet.}

Can we go to that baseball place again?

I like that place.

I won’t cheer for that guy that isn’t on our team again.

Why didn’t they want to keep him on our team?

{Desperate plea for silence.}

My tooth is really loose.

Is the tooth fairy the only fairy that’s real?

Tinkerbell is just pretend, right?

Hey, we’re almost in Denton.

Did I talk the whole way here?

That’s amazing.

I talk a bunch, right?

Do you want me to stop talking now?

Can I read a book before I go to bed?

{Near maniacal comment made that there will be no reading as it’s way past bedtime and there was no resting done on the drive home.}

Oh, I’ll rest. I’ll rest right now.


My eyes are closed.

Do you see me resting?

So, can I read a book since I’m resting?

Oh, look!

We’re home!

{Open car door with loud sigh.}

Daddy- we’re going to be in a band tomorrow!

Do you want to hear the song I wrote?”

I am incredibly grateful for my little conversationalist.

I am equally as grateful for the quiet husband who immediately took her to her room and left me to fall over on the couch and weep silently to myself.


4 Comments to “Talker”

  1. i remember another little girl who was a chatterbox.

  2. I simply love this rendition. Thank you!


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